Nestled in the heart of the mediterranean sea, Malta presents a getaway destination for anyone looking to relax in the sun.


I travelled here in July 2012 to meet my extended family. I stayed here for two weeks.

Malta is a very small country, so in this time I was able to go to practically every town in the country. The country is very densely packed, so space is at a premium.

The capital of Malta is Valetta. Much of the city cannot be developed, as it has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


One of the first things you’ll notice if you ever travel to Malta is the size and the number of churches. Malta is a very devout Catholic nation, and the churches are renowned for being the defining feature of many towns in the country.


Malta’s combination of European style architecture and crowdedness result in narrow and iconic style passages and streets.


Maltas history and small size have resulted in fishing and other nautical pursuits becoming characteristic of the country. Fishing boats are a common sight at almost every Maltese port.



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